Summer / Autumn 18 Vision Board

SU/AU 18 Vision Board

SU/AU 18 Vision Board

As I take a little sigh (out of reflection) on all the events and adventures that took place this summer, I can not help but reminisce about the interactions experienced on our trip to Europe. Having traveled to 3 countries where I didn't speak the language (or spoke very little of them), I began to feel really vulnerable while using other forms of communication out of desperation. What do you do when you can not find the words to say? Usually, the first instinct is to make motions with your hands as you frantically dig through the filing cabinets of your memory for suitable words. When I would be sitting at cafe's or taking public transportation, I took notice that within the three countries, people only used words when necessary and utilized facial expressions, kisses as greetings and farewells and their hands to communicate direction and instruction with one another. Through my reflections, the word tactile came to mind. 

Tactile: connected to with the sense of touch. Ex. "vocal and visual signals become less important as tactile signals intensify"

  • perceptible by touch or apparently so; tangible.
  • designed to be perceived by touch. "tactile exhibitions help blind people enjoy the magic of sculpture"
  • Learning and creating through touch helps with brain connectivity that can’t come from just sight and hearing sensory systems.

As I transition with the seasons, I will be discovering a heightened sensitivity to tactile perceptions and expressing it through my lifestyle topics.

Prompt: How can we be more tactile in our lifestyle? Through space, through actions, through our interpersonal communications, through self-care, through beauty, and through our individual styles?