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PERSONAL NOTE: Who likes eating turkey on Thanksgiving? Now, who honestly likes turkey when you visit family and friends and you have to eat basically the same turkey at each social gathering you attend? I can imagine most of you would get tired of the same turkey over and over and over again. Am I right? My point to this is that I try not to feed my viewers the same ole turkey that they will get fed from everybody else, and try to see some things from a different angle. Seeing the world or people, art or design through only my own lense can get dull and redundant at times. For November, I wanted to shake things up a bit regarding the buzz of Fall. For my viewers and subscribers {female or male}, I wanted to offer up the question, "What do you do when Fall just simply doesn't work with the tones of your features (ie. hair, skin, eye color)?" For the month of November, I will be doing my best to solve this dilemma for you guys along with other really fun topics that will give you some variety. So here's to other sources of protein this holiday season! - Xx. Claire


currently inspired by }

art deco details


what to do when 'fall' isn't your color?

statement earrings

comfy chic outfits

plum tones


new skin care regiment (currently trying Ayuna)

Olga Fradina art & ceramics

luxury bathrooms

drinks that make you warm


On Fashion:

  • What to do when 'Fall' isn't your color?
  • Southern California Fall Fashion for He & She

On Beauty and Makeup:

  • Iridescent Eyemakeup
  • Skincare Review ft. Ayuna

On Lifestyle:

  • What to give or what not to give when the holidays are approaching.
  • My favorite Art Deco details to incorporate in a home, in your purse or in your lifestyle.

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