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{PERSONAL NOTE}: Excuse me for being in remiss. The end of last month up until now has been quite a bit of a busy season for me and was unable to get many blog posts and content out for you. Isn't that the way of life though, sometimes? As much as I love meeting my goals and intentions, there are outside factors that simply do not allow you to meet every single one and there is beauty in that too. The past few weeks for me have been filled with family visiting for Christmas, getting a wicked ole' sinus infection that nearly knocked me on my feet for a week solid, to now finishing a week in Nashville with my husbands family to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. There will always be times of the year that take us away from our goals and intentions and we mustn't get all flustered over it. So here goes my vision for January; a good week and a half into it...ENJOY!




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stone tones

letting loose

abstract expression

finding your creative flow

new moons


organic shapes

poetic words

the "Greats" and learning from them (ie. writers, designers, scientists)



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