February Vision Board


Curated & Designed By Claire with Habitual She with selected found imagery.

Curated & Designed By Claire with Habitual She with selected found imagery.

Monthly Vision Board

A conceptual series for Habitual She

Curated by Claire Arceri with Habitual She

Today marks one year of my blog launch!! So Happy Birthday Habitual She!

It's going to be a Femme Fatale February! Currently inspired by Color Noir films such as 'Rear Window,' 'House of Bamboo,''The Man Who Knew Too Much,' and Leave Her To Heaven.' I have my work cut out for me on my movie watch list this month! For those that are familiar with Film Noir, Color Noir is its counterpart. {A LITTLE HISTORY} "Color film noirs were movies that followed the "film noir" style (flashbacks, the presence of femme fatale, crime theme, fatalistic, etc.) during the noir "Classical Period" (1940-1959) but, instead of using B&W film stock they were shot in color, often Technicolor. Color noir films after 1959 became known as neo-noirs."

This February, of 2018, I wanted to bring forth a Technicolor adaptation of a very feminine 'fatale' February. This month, I am drawn to bold, layered color, overlapping of textures, and lots of drama. I love the idea behind femme fatale because, as women, we all have the ability to be as equally strong as dramatic. Unlike the true definition of a 'femme fatale', my twist on femme fatale is not about manipulating people to get what we want (because that is bad..don't manipulate people..LOL) but using our clever, independent brains to problem solve our way through challenges that arise. To be bold as we go about achieving our goals. The beginning of the year usually brings its challenges, moments of stress, and unsolved problems but if we give our minds the okay to see our problems from various angles, it becomes less daunting and we can achieve many great things. This time of year, as a southern Louisiana girl (BORN & RAISED), I can always be inspired by the magic that is...MARDI GRAS! If you don't know what Mardi Gras is, Google it now! Its a time of pure celebration, jovial dancing, outrageous fashion and all around fun. My husband and I will be heading to his hometown of New Orleans to celebrate this year and I could not be more ready.

Hope you are truly inspired by this February's Vision Board by being the strong, bold and dramatic you there ever was. Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (Let The Good Times Roll), 



currently inspired by }

BOLD color

overlapping textures


femme fatale




mardi gras fashion

newsboy caps

Megan Perry Fisher filmscores

sun refractions

nature sounds & shadows

New Orleans jazz

bold & smoked makeup