A conceptual series for Habitual She

Curated by Claire Arceri

Left to right: Streetstyle from #MFW, Fendi /Flushed Makeup Looks / Red Scalloped Ines Handbag / Detailed Beadwork / Masculine Hat / Colorful Hair / 'The Feeling You Get When You Can't Seem To Put Your Finger On Something' by Kyle Steed / 'Losing You' by Solange / Fringe, Florals, and Polka Dots. 

If you know me, you will usually find me laughing somewhere between hysterics and menacing chuckle. I tend to find the funny in everything due to a highly imaginative imagination. I could count on one hand how many math equations I do NOT remember, but if I had a dollar for every detail oriented funny memory I seem to recall in a day...well, let's just leave it at that and get to the point, shall we?

Okay, so April has arrived! What I have forecasted for this month has been inspired by a mishmash of music, art, dance, color, patterns and a swig of feminine masculinity. The month of April has always brought forth jubilation and libation in my years. It seems to be the month of festivals and carnivals worldwide. Growing up in south Louisiana,  The Festival International de Louisiane is an annual music and arts festival held in Lafayette, Louisiana celebrating the French heritage of the region and its connection to the Francophone world. Then across the globe, in Seville, Spain, is the Feria de abril de Sevilla, ("Seville April Fair") is held in the Andalusian capital of Seville, Spain. Both festivals are filled with rich culture and merriment as the streets become less of a means of transportation but rather a conduit for transportation. For these moments, you forget about the mundane duties of life and partake in a cultural experience that reminds you of the wonder that IS life.

Follow along with me as I laugh my way through April!


Claire Arceri