A conceptual series for Habitual She

Curated by Claire Arceri


This February, of 2017, I wanted to bring forth strong definitive lines contrasted by hues of white and blue for my inspiration this month. I actually curated this vision board, by the happenstances that seemed to follow my every move this past year, causing me to question a lot of things. I learned that, while I was on a journey of deep questioning, I needed to balance and contrast those questions with acceptance. I was always taught that it is great to be inquisitive about life (which is true), and at the same time, its just as important to calm the mind and just simply take in all the facets of life. You learn just as much, if not more, from observing as you do questioning. This board is a reminder that our observations and our longing to dig deep go hand in hand and end up providing you with an abundance of wisdom and a sharp outlook on life.