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No matter where you are in the U.S. we are all experiencing some crazy climates this Winter season. Some places are dry and frigid, some places arid and stagnant, other places are humid and freezing. What more would you need than a line of beauty products that target those ashy elbows, the scaly under eyes, and chapped face? 

Khus + Khus was Decembers beauty discovery and I must say, the two products given were my travel buddies for the holiday season. In the box, they sent:


    Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Besides the most amazing intoxicating scent! This deeply nourishing, hydrating and luminous oil will create lovely, luscious, skin. Monoi de Tahiti sourced from France, an ancient Tahitian oil scented by the Tiare flower widely used among the French Polynesians for skin and hair enhancement.

    + Blue Tansy well known for its vivid blue color created by its azulene content which assists in its strong anti­-inflammatory abilities. Works well in creating relief from sore muscles, strains, arthritis, sciatica.

    + Blue Yarrow highly prized for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties which contribute to its great affinity with skin problems. Soothing irritated skin, good for eczema + sensitive skin that tends to have allergies.

    + Baobab oil high in vitamins A, E, and F and high in sterols making it an excellent anti-aging skin healing oil. Assisting in diminishing fine lines + wrinkles, reducing scarring and stretch marks. Non­ greasy and fast absorbing qualities.

    + Babassu a very emollient oil that quickly absorbs nicely into the skin. Works well on dry, and oily skin, it provides a protective barrier against environmental damage and pollution.

    + Marula oil this omega-rich oil has been used by African women for centuries, highly regarded for its anti­ aging capabilities, as well as high levels of antioxidants. A natural skin protectant of free radicals.


    Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Highly anti-inflammatory with the ability to increase cellular regeneration.

    + Helichrysum oil is used in skincare because of its highly reputed anti-inflammatory activity. Recommended where there is inflamed tissue which needs to be calmed down + regenerated. Contributes to lymphatic drainage + detoxifying the body.

    + German chamomile is highly regarded for its soothing properties + anti-inflammatory properties combined with Helichrysum create one of the most potent anti-inflammatory blends. Creating healing for dry itchy skin conditions.

    + Both german chamomile, blue tansy have a vivid deep blue color due to chamazulene content a powerful anti-inflammatory active ingredient. Healing of burned, damaged and inflamed skin.

    + Rosehip Co2 + Sea Buckthorn Co2 creates smoothness and subtleness to the skin with decreased pore size. Highly anti-inflammatory, unique in its benefits, best known for its skin­ regenerating abilities. Works well on serious skin condition like psoriasis because it is high in Vit C, the antioxidant quercetin, and containing exceptionally rare omega­7.

My tidbits on each...


Once I get the product in my hands, I rubbed them together quickly (warming up the product and 'liquifying' it, then massaging it into desired areas. Honestly, I was very liberal in applying this product to my body as it felt so good on my winter skin, lol! 


BLEU BODY WAX: To my surprise, this body wax took some elbow grease to get it to budge out of the container. Being a wax, you have to warm it up by the temperature of your fingers. I also took a spoon to help get a bit of it out, then it was pretty easy to scoop from there.

SCENT: The scent is super herbal-y (if that is a word). The blue tansy notes are strong but not so strong as to overwhelm the senses. 

OVER ALL: The Bleu Body Wax gets a thumbs up from me not only for its amazing healing properties listed above, but for giving this dry flaky girl some moisture and glow until my skin finally healed. My skin had to fake it till it made it..thanks Khus + Khus!


SANS AGE FACE SERUM: From the get-go, this serum literally took my dry face to a new and renewed level. What I noticed the most, was how calming this serum was for my slightly sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive to heat and can get red and splotchy even after a shower or bath. After cleansing my face, I applied this serum after for my moisturizer and I noticed the redness go down quicker than usual which was amazing. 

SCENT: Much like the Bleu Body Wax, the scent is herbal, but with stronger notes of chamomile. I love this product for its overall soothing effect.

OVER ALL: This serum would be another product that I would recommend for men and women of all ages. I allowed a few of my family members to try it who all have different age skin and multiple skin types and all loved it. 

Again, I really felt like this ingredients in this face serum calmed my face, and gave my skin a better canvus for makeup application. I felt my makeup went on smoother and saw less of my pores.

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Stay Healthy!