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Here I am at the beginning of September with August's Beauty Review! You guys, August has been an extremely busy month with lots of travel and little to no Wifi to get my posts out on time but I did not want this review to slip through the cracks. Each month, I receive a beauty box from Beauty Heroes loaded with amazing organic FULL-SIZE skin care products. I literally can't wait to open my box each month to discover whats in store for my skin or hair. This month, what I opened up, was 'The Bean' Mask from Mahalo Skincare.

Mahalo 'The Bean' Mask and Application Brush.

Mahalo 'The Bean' Mask and Application Brush.

About MAHALO Skin Care

"MAHALO Skin Care is a botanical-based facial care line, offering high-performance, luxurious skin treatments that target skin inflammations, environmental damage, prematurely aging concerns and offer nutrient-dense support for a healthy, and glowing complexions. Our unique skin formulas combine the ancient knowledge of Polynesia, Western and Eastern healing, with the modern scientific advancements in natural beauty technology to deliver an experience inspired by Hawaiian approach to slow, mindful beauty rituals, and luxurious self-care."

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'The Bean' Antioxidant Mask

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"The BEAN mask is an ultra-concentrated epicurean facial treatment that awakens and revives skin and spirit akin to the morning coffee after a long week. The succulent bean marriage of cacaovanilla and coffee is enveloped in sweet enzymes of raw Hawaiian honey to further entwine with plytonutrient plant botanicals, and precious extracts that are fortified by “secret weapon” antioxidants. This activating formula works to boost skin’s natural defenses, detoxify, brighten, soothe, soften and gently exfoliate congestion."

"The BEAN mask presents one of the most potent and luxurious antioxidant synergies that help to recover lipids and skin membranes from free radical damage, resurfacing complexion that is purified, toned and glowing."

Experience: creamy, concentrated dark brown paste with fine, gentle exfoliation grains (from Moroccan clay). Ready to use straight from the jar, no additional activation required.

Aroma: decadent, yet robust union of coffee and cacao, sweetened with notes of honey and vanilla, with highlights of exotic cardamom, patchouli, Hawaiian sandalwood, ylang ylang and a fleeting crisp note of bergamot.

The BEAN mask helps to:
• transform dull, lackluster, prematurely aging skin into visibly firmer, toner, more youthful-looking complexion with a fresh, purified glow
• gently exfoliate dead cells,  pollution, dirt, blood, oils, and toxins
• boost collagen production to enhance elasticity and radiance
• detoxify to reduce visual appearance of pores
• support and boost skin’s natural healing and defenses
 reverse effects of environmental damage
• deliver antioxidant-rich purification
• boost circulation and cell renewal for a visibly healthy glow


The first time I applied the Bean Mask to my skin, I actually experienced a lot of redness upon removal. In my research, I read that if it's your first time and you have sensitive skin (which I do), it is best to start off slowly by wearing the mask for only a few minutes and work your way up to the full 20-30 minutes. I was so excited to try it that I didn't read the article on it in full detail like I usually do so I was slightly alarmed when my face came up from the sink with more than usual redness...haha! But don't worry, it didn't last long. I also researched that the redness is actually caused by good circulation taking place. As I have continued to use the mask, I notice that my skin has an overall renewed vitality to it. My face feels clean and moisturized after application and I have found that even my makeup application is better since using this mask. Having been a barista in college, I was stoked about the smell and ingredients; Coffee Bean, Cacao, and Vanilla Bean?? I mean can we get anything better than those ingredients and scents? Overall, this product lives up to it's reputation and I am anxious to try more from their line.

Side Note: As a designer, I must add that I love the packaging of this product. The jar is made of bamboo and the writing is etched on the side in a slightly darker stain. I think we can all say that when searching for skincare and beauty products, we all take into consideration, the I right?! Good job, Mahalo!

Flat lay photography with  'The Monocle Guide To Better Living' Book  as the backdrop.

Flat lay photography with 'The Monocle Guide To Better Living' Book as the backdrop.

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