As Of Late | No. 03

Swimming with Seals

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Location La Jolla Cove

My oh my, has August seriously come and gone this fast? This month has been insanely busy which is why I have been a little absent from my blog. My husbands family come once a year for 3-4 weeks toward the end of summer, which has involved lots of traveling for us all. My vision board this month was heavily inspired by citrus tones and the way the Italian's live. Although I have never experienced Italy for myself, I am married to an Italian and I love the life mantras from the Italians I have met. So I guess you could say, me taking a break from posting once a week this month is actually indicative of the way the Italians live...they fully seize each day and let the day take them and that, to me, is what it means to truly live. Often times as a blogger, I have to plan (sometimes I plan a month ahead of the time I finally get to post the content.) There is nothing wrong with planning but when it comes to spending time with loved ones and fully immersing yourself in a is best to forget the plan and jump all in.

Image taken from Pinterest.

Image taken from Pinterest.

Which leads me to the moment I jumped in and swam with the seals. My husband, myself and my sister-in-law hopped in the car, drove to La Jolla Cove, stripped to our swimsuits and ran into the chilly water to experience nature and creation first hand. We were told that if you swim with the seals, respect their space, to not reach out and try to touch for they can potentially bite. Slightly nervous, I still swam alongside these beautiful creatures.  

It's so refreshing to place yourself in experiences where you are not always in charge and in control. The water in La Jolla Cove belongs to the seals and we are merely the observers.


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