Experiencing Italy in Vegas

Culture Article for Habitual She

Location Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

White Floral Crêped Dress from H&M

If you don't have the time or money to get yourself on a plane to Italy, then the next best thing is to hop in the car and drive about 6 hours (time dependant on where you are driving from and how fast you drive) to experience the Bellagio Hotel on Vegas' iconic strip. 

The Bellagio Hotel has been regarded as one of Vegas' top hospitality and entertainment spots. Designed and inspired by the Lake Como town of Bellagio in Italy, you get the feeling that you have been transported somewhere far away. This month, Habitual She was inspired by the colors of citrus fruits (lemon, orange, and grapefruit) and 'The way we live' (focusing on Italy of course). Their lifestyle is something to be admired; they way they cook, they way they dress, HOW they eat, show affection, create environments in their homes, etc. It's a country I have yet to experience yet feel so connected to already.  FUNNY STORY** Usually, one of the first questions I get asked by strangers is "What ethnicity are you?" You can ask my husband...he witnesses this all the time. (I usually get asked if I am Persian) So as I stand there in conversation, usually telling them about my Cajun roots.. they always interrupt me by saying "Are you sure you're not Persian?" So as it goes, this weekend, on my way back to San Diego, I am in the security check screening and the gentleman in charge greets me in another language, while demonstrating with his body, how to position myself. I guess my face said it all because he laughed at me saying, " You don't understand me?" I laugh while I tell him I do not. "Well, I assumed you were Italian...you're not Italian?" I tell him I am not Italian but that my last name is...then he interrupts me by saying "I swear you are Italian, you look very much like one" He laughs letting me continue on to retrieve my carry-on. Still chuckling, I tell him "Ciao" and continue on to my gate. When these situations occur, it gets me thinking about all the cultures that I get mistaken for and it makes me want to research more about them. All of this to say, I hope my research takes me to Italy, the Middle East, and to the countries where my actual roots stem. 

IMG_2633 copy.jpg

The photos shown were taken inside the Bellagio courtyard where, to my surprise, the art installation was all about lemons and florals! 

Since Las Vegas is extremely dry and warm during August, I decided to keep my outfits breathable and light. This white, floral creped dress from H&M was perfect for our first day touring Vegas. Its flare skirt was extremely comfortable and just under $30 dollars, makes it even better!

Mandarin Orange Flavor Italian Ice Pop.

Mandarin Orange Flavor Italian Ice Pop.