Clothing by Lulu's

Photographed by Andrew Arceri.

Makeup by me.

Our first shoot for this month was in collaboration with two unbelievably talented and gorgeous women who I am so happy to be acquainted with now. Both Elyse with Faith In Style, and Diana with Queenhorsfall are fashion and lifestyle bloggers and were sponsored by Lulu's clothing brand, collaborating with my husband (photographer) and myself to create this shoot. The location was at Salvation Mountain in the middle of the Colorado Desert. Since the girls wore matching floral dresses from Lulu's along with matching flower crowns (that Diana sculpted herself in the car ride over), I wanted to give them different makeup looks. I pulled tones from the dresses they wore; so on Diana, I used shades of white and silver on her eyes with taupe-ish tones for cheeks and lips whereas on Elyse, using shades of blue on her eyes, applying it so it looked super diffused and subtle and used mauve tones for cheeks and lips. 

In the setting of brightly painted floral landscapes, carnival like stripes and a yellow painted pathway, we all knew we weren't in Kansas anymore.

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