Stylist Interview, Juliette Herrera

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Meet Juliette.

Australian fashion stylist, Juliette Herrera has dominated the Aussie fashion scene for 13 years, working for publications like Cosmopolitan, Oyster, Vogue, Cleo, Dolly and Marie Claire. She has also styled for fashion brands such as Coach, Gucci and Louis Vuitton making her one of Australia’s go to stylists. I met Juliette when I was living overseas in Australia and instantly fell in love with her vivacious spirit and unique style. Since moving to LA, she is quite the busy girl. I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Juliette and decided to interview her to get some insight into the world of fashion and styling for celebrities and publications.

Lala kent from vanderpump rules, styled by juliette.

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Featured in Cleo Magazine

“Great Lengths” Styled By Juliette Herrera

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A rock band tee with high waisted black jeans and hot black ankle boots with a leather jacket. Any body shape can make this look hot!
  1. How did you get into becoming a stylist?
    “I started as a costume assistant for an Australian tv show “The Alice” and soon realized the film industry was non existent in Australia. So I sent letters and a portfolio to a few magazines and 5 of them got back to me to start interning with the fashion department. After 3 months of interning, Cosmopolitan Magazine offered me the position of fashion assistant and that was the real start of my fashion styling career.”

  2. Who is your favorite artist or inspiration and why?
    “When I need inspiration I look at my parents, their life, their beautiful character traits and Latin Music reminds me of where I came from and this allows me to dream creatively.”

  3. Describe your personal style in 3 words.
    “Eclectic, sporty luxe and colourful.”

  4. What are you working on at the moment?
    “Taking on celebrity clients to style for red carpet events.”

  5. Can you give your favorite playlist or musical artist that gets you in a good workflow?
    “Again, like my wardrobe, my taste in music is super random. I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac, Odezsa, Drake, Kayne West, Jay Z, Lil Skies, and old school hip hop is helping me get through the work days.”

  6. What are you envisioning for 2019? (for yourself and in the styling community)

    “For myself, I am praying to style celebrities that I love and for stylists, not to just dress people in luxury labels just because its CHANEL but actually use their skills to mix and match outfits we haven't seen before or could dream of. Experimenting and not being safe, I feel, would inspire people to get creative with how they express themselves. Fashion should be fun, it’s not brain surgery. I want to see people smile when attending runway shows. WE need to enjoy the fact that we get to work with beautiful clothes.”

  7. If you could have one color that represented you well, what color would that be? and why?

    “Ok I'm disclosing a secret here...rainbows, sparkles and iridescent colors are my thing. I am like a 5 year old girl. My niece and I have the same taste lol.”

  8. Given the chance to collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

    “ I would love to dress Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian. I want to get them in the best gear.”

  9. In Social Media world, who do you fan-girl over?

    “Georgia Fowler - Model”

  10. What is one thing in your closet, you could never part with?

    “ My iridescent Adidas Samoa Sneakers and Versace Clear Plastic Heels”

  11. In styling clients and working on projects, what’s one piece of advice or tip you have learned that has been the most valuable?

    “Treat your clients as if they were family. Take care of them and be honest with what looks good on them. Be pleasant and flexible because celebrities have hectic, stressful schedules.”

  12. How do you define style?

    “Whatever I love I buy, I don't care what label it is. Therefore, it’s a combo of high end pieces that are statement pieces, high street for basics and vintage because it’s unique and cool.”

  13. What is your favorite fashion trend this season and why?

    “Plastic because it goes with everything.”

  14. What is one fashion piece that anyone can pull off no matter their body shape?

    “A rock band tee with high waisted black jeans and hot black ankle boots with a leather jacket. Any body shape can make this look hot!”

  15. If you could share any fashion icon’s closet, who’s would that be?

    “Kim Kardashian because I know she's got the goods.”

  16. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn?

    “An iridescent snake printed strapless dress with a diamond choker and my iridescent Adidas sneakers hahah. They never leave me.”

  17. What trait to you love most about yourself?

    “My playfulness as I don't take myself too seriously . I enjoy it if you laugh at me because I'm like a rollercoaster.”

  18. What fad do you wish would come back? Which do you feel should stay gone forever?

    “Hate those baggy, cropped, flared jeans.”

  19. What makes you feel young?

    “Fashion and Bravo Reality Shows.”

  20. What makes you feel old?

    “When I don't know how to use my computer”

  21. What is the most important personal attribute that you bring to your job?

    “Passion and determination to get my clients the best fashion pieces. I won't stop until I get exactly I want.”

  22. Do you still dress up for Halloween?

    “We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia so I never got into it. But I always feel somewhat dressed up so I take the day off on Halloween lol. Im crazy”

  23. What’s the oldest fashion piece you own?

    “These brocade gold threaded flares from the 70s. They belonged to my stylish mother.”

  24. Besides your cellphone, what are 3 things you always have in your bag?

    “Blush, eyeliner and my credit card. Always ready for anything.”

  25. Why do you create art?

    “I feel like I'm always inspired by life, music, films, documentaries and the human struggle and I can release these emotions in creating fantasy through fashion.”

  26. What’s one thing in your closet, you've recently brought back into your wardrobe?

    “Gold jewelry. Rings, hoops, necklaces...everything gold and dainty.”

  27. Lastly, what is your worst and best habit?

    “Shopping is my worst habit for my credit card but also my best habit because I'm always happy with my purchases.”

I feel like I’m always inspired by life, music, films, documentaries and the human struggle and I can release these emotions in creating fantacy through fashion.

Quick Fire

Leather or Denim? Denim

Heels or Sneakers? Heels

Red Lip or Nude Lip? Red

Statement Earrings or Multiple Stacking Hoops? I'm a Latina, hoops are my staples.

Animal Print or Block Print? Animal

Thrifted or Designer? Designer

Maxi or Mini? Mini


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