Monochromatic Girl

Model Lynsey Anastasia

Makeup & Styling by Claire at Habitual She

Photographed by Andrew Arceri

Location Concrete Studios LA

Monochromatic look No. 01

Monochromatic look No. 01

For Lynsey(model), we utilized monochromatic colors to create these images for her portfolio and mine. We shot at Concrete Studios in Los Angeles and I have to say the natural light beaming through the massive windows was a dream to work with. Concrete Studios is a great place to rent a studio that is supplied with everything you would need for a photoshoot. We just had to bring our camera and the rest was taken care of. The price to rent was unbeatable as well. Studio rates are here. For makeup, I kept her look super clean and simple since these were headshots for her modeling agency but still kept with the monochromatic color theme. Lynsey was also so much fun to work with and be sure to check out her youtube channel. 

I am excited to finally share these images with you. Xx.

Monochromatic Look No. 02

Monochromatic Look No. 03