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FASHION ARTICLE FEATURED Contemporary Pinstripe Duster, Forever 21

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LOCATION Pacific Ocean, Mission Bay, San Diego Bay

September 17, 2017

[Creative writing piece by Claire Arceri]

This is sweet water, sweet water my friend. My vision corrects itself from the sun as the shade of the sail creates an orb around me. My eardrums are full of resounding wind making its shift as the sails guide us out to the open, sweet water. Full of the sound of laughter, libation, and Brazilian jazz. The cork pops. In thirty-two years, I never did a thing so certain. At some point, the wind shifted and I landed in this moment; beauty in all forms, surrounding me like the orb of the sail. 


So I turned 32 years old and joined the Navy! The COLOR navy that is. This month, you will have noticed that I was inspired by the denim and blues. Blue is a color that has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time. I always tend to keep some sort of blue around in my life..especially the deep shade of Navy. I feel that Navy is a shade of blue that my body reacts well to. My skin is a medium complexion with yellow/olive undertones and my hair is a natural true auburn. If you look on a color wheel, the color that is opposite to the blues, are the shades of deep golds and orange. There is science behind color and formulas for color harmony. There are many theories for harmony. A color scheme based on analogous colors and a color scheme based on complimentary colors.


In the fashion and beauty industry, these theories aid designers and artists in creating their masterpieces. In the images below, because I am wearing denim blue jeans paired with my navy blue duster, this would be an example of an analogous harmony since it's displaying only hues of blue. It is also an example of a complementary color harmony due to the fact that the outfit is blue and my hair is a mix of copper and brown. I love the science behind color and seeing that my 'eye' for design is really just a product of neat science in the way we were created to absorb and process color.



I am so thankful for these beautiful friends who either flew in from Austin, Texas or drove from Los Angeles, or took me on the most amazing sail to celebrate my 32nd birthday with me in San Diego. Truly, truly grateful! My life is so much more rich with you guys present in it.