Makeup & Styling By Habitual She

Model Valerie Fuselier

Jewelry By Restrung Jewelry

Jackets and Wigs provided by Amiel Robinson

Photographed by Andrew Arceri

One of my favorite memories in New Orleans growing up was when I stayed with a friend at her aunt and uncles loft in the warehouse district during Jazz Fest. It was so much fun dressing ourselves and preparing for a day filled with groove and libations. Now, the typical attire of New Orleans is eclectic and pretty much anything goes, so it's hard to mess up when it comes to fashion. 

These two looks for my final April post, I wanted to share with you, my interpretation of New Orleans fashion and spirit by collaborating with two of New Orlean's finest in jewelry design and personal costume/wig collections. Naomi Celestin(founder of Restrung) and Amiel Robinson (daughter), have the most incredible costume and wig collection and can be found dressed in their most amazing costume/wig combinations during Mardi Gras and other local festivals. The model (Valerie Fuselier) was born and raised in Louisiana, along with myself and the photographer so we felt right at home together, creating these fun images.


The company was founded in 2011 by artist and New Orleans native Naomi Celestin. It's a fusion of her biggest passions - art, music and giving back to the community. Celestin got the idea to make jewelry with guitar strings after looking at some old strings at a friend's house. She thought it might be interesting wire to work with, so she began experimenting until she came up with a technique to make forms with the strings, and then she created a few designs that incorporated her signature wire-work, used guitar strings and semi-precious gemstones. With a background in the music and art scene in Louisiana, she had a never-ending supply of material to work with. Once the idea got started, she began to gain interest from musicians and jewelry lovers far and wide - and ReStrung Jewelry was born. Since its inception, Celestin wanted ReStrung to be a vehicle for keeping the cultural community of NOLA vibrant and unique.

[Celestine donates a portion of her profits to The New Orleans Musicians Clinic.]




Special thanks to Restrung Jewelry for collaborating with me, Valerie Fuselier for the incredible modeling, and Rhea Arthur for assisting me during the shoot.