A Yellow Super Bloom

Lifestyle Article for Habitual She

Julia Straw Boater Hat from Wyeth

Floral Romper from Forever 21

Wrap-Up Canvas Espadrilles from Dreamgirls Ocean Beach 

In this article, I am taking you back to a time when the hills were alive with the vision of color...I'm referring to the Super Bloom decking the hills with the most beautiful embelishments of daisies, poppies, and wildflowers in every color. Over the winter and spring this past year, California experienced a significant amount of rain which became the life source to Southern California's super bloom. Me and my husband took a short road trip to the Alberhill District near Lake Elisnore to take part in one of many super bloom hiking trails. I was really hoping to see a field of poppies since it is one of my favorite flowers, but only managed to see a small patch off the beaten path. (image below)


What ye have been ye still shall be, When we are dust the dust among, O yellow flowers!

Henry Austin Dobson

Keeping in the Super Bloom spirit, I wore a light blue romper with white floral pattern from Forever 21, paired with Wrap-Up Canvas Espadrille flats from a local boutique to San Diego called Dream Girls, and accessorized with my staple of the summer; The Julia Straw Boater Hat from WyethUSA.

It can be frustrating when the images taken don't quite capture the magnificence of the vista experienced. But, what is amazing, and most important, is that within those moments, you have the ability and opportunity to create the most amazing memories with whomever you are partaking the experience with, for later recollection.

Get out and explore!


With passion...Claire Arceri