Abstract Water & The Classics

Abstract Triptych for Habitual She


[Classic pc. 01] Vintage Wash Crewneck Tee by Gap

[Classic pc. 02] Keep It Classy Aviator by Free People

Creative & Graphics by Claire at Habitual She

Photographed by Andrew Arceri

A triptych piece depicting 'Wave,' 'Splash,' and 'Drench' showcasing the classics.

Reflecting on July, I was inspired by the abstract art of water. Experiencing the Pacific Ocean for the first time as a local was a prideful experience. I felt a sense of belonging near the water, only awaiting my initiation. My new home, being only a 10-minute drive to the ocean, I approached the water like a true southerner would..naive. "They don't make waves like this in the Gulf!" Needless to say, my pride got washed away faster than my bikini bottoms. My initiation into the Pacific was less like an Annie Oakley story (conquering the waves with tenacity and charisma) and more like an Amelia Bedelia story (just dilly-dallying straight into catastrophe). I swear I could hear the ocean laughing at me, proud that she will always have the upper hand. So I did as only one would do after such an initiation as that... I sat... I watched... and I took in the powerful energy of her. Mad respect.

So this is my homage to the Pacific. A triptych designed after the movements that describe her the best, while showcasing two of my go to classic pieces of fashion for the summer. The 'Vintage Wash Crewneck Tee' by Gap and the 'Keep It Classy Aviators' by Free People.

W A V E  |  S P L A S H  |  D R E N C H