Fall Fashion for She & He

Fashion & Lifestyle for Habitual She


She Claire Arceri

He Andrew Arceri

Photography Elyse Nicole

Location San Diego, Ca

The Fall Season in Southern California is here and it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. With temperatures ranging from 63 degrees to nearing the hundreds on some days, I have found that being optimistic in my closet has been most helpful. I did my math and am giving you an outfit that my husband and I have worn on the average fall day in southern California.



Brown Felt Hat- A vintage find from a local Thrift and Flea Market in San Diego. (Buy a similar one here)

White Ruffle Shirt- Zara Trafaluc Collection 

Jeans- Pac Sun Kendal and Kylie Collection, Blue Lagoon Mom Jeans with frayed flares. (Buy a similar pair here)

Shoes- Macy's Material Girl Camel Two-piece Sandal Wedges (Buy a similar pair here)

Woven Leather Bucket Backpack-Vintage find from a local thrift on 6th Street, Austin, Tx. (Find a similar one here)

Sunglasses- FreePeople (Buy a similar pair here)

Earrings- Free People hoops with charms. (Buy a similar pair here)

Belt- Urban Outfitters Black/Silver Western Belt



Blue Heather Crew Neck Shirt- Zara Man (Find a similar one herehere)

Pants-Levi Black Jeans

Shoes-Stacy Adams by ASOS (Buy a similar pair here)

What is fall like where you are and what are you wearing to keep warm this season?