Beauty Topic for Habitual She

Photographed by Andrew Arceri.

Makeup, Hair, and Styling by me.

In Indian culture, you can find the most amazing color combinations whether its is in their spices or in the rich silk clothing. I have always admired the way that the people of India use texture and color and especially the way the women utilize their features for makeup and body art. This look was created with the background in mind which is the color of the turmeric root. Accenting with gold tones, I shaded her eyes in rich caramels and sand tones and finished the eye with a bold charcoal liner that winged out at the ends. For cheeks, I used a tone called 'Spiced Berry' and on the lips is a combination of soft berry and a taupe tone. We chose a classic black dress for this look to provide a beautiful contrast.

Claire Arceri2 Comments