Last Serve

Model Emmanuelle Larroque

Makeup & Creative by Claire at Habitual She

Photographed by Andrew Arceri

Location Balboa Park, San Diego

As June is coming to a close, I saw it fitting to name my last blog post, 'Last Serve' since our location was at the Balboa Park community tennis courts. Now as you know, June was centered around the colors 'olive' and 'aqua.' Hense the reason for my choice in location; that the tennis courts colors are green and blue. So far you have seen ways to incorporate the two colors in swimwear, through homewares, as an accessory for an outfit and now I am giving you your last way to incorporate the color aqua for a fun makeup look. I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of my good friends, Emmanuelle and showcase the color aqua on her gorgeous hazel-y brown eyes which complimented aqua beautifully. I have been bursting with excitement to create this shoot and now share it with you all. Enjoy!

Scientific Fact about the colors of tennis courts:

"You’ll find science in the court, but you’ll see it in the color too. When the U.S. Open switched to a blue in-bounds court in 2005, the change came from the experts at California Sports Surfaces. The blue hue—now trademarked as U.S. Open Blue—is just about the exact opposite color of a yellow Wilson tennis ball on the Isaac Newton color wheel, providing the most contrast for spectators and players." [Citation]

Stay tuned for my July Vision Board coming very soon! I will have two dear friends contributing this month in my 'Habitual She Takeover' and you won't want to miss it!

You do you, Xx.


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