Iridescent Eyes and Hair

Beauty Article for Habitual She

Iridescent on Iridescent

This year, I have made a habit out of repeating things..go figure; ha!

Injecting my signature repetitiveness here, with a multi-tonal twist -- I give to you 'Iridescent on Iridescent.' The trend you thought would never come back, but has, has come with a vengeance.  (Unnecessary, but so necessary), this has become one of my favorite and surprisingly most simple looks this season. To achieve, you take two-three different reflective eyeshadow shades (the more the merrier) and layer on top of each other. To make your hair sparkle, try applying a hair oil. My go to hair oil is Innersense's Harmonic Healing Oil . It give your hair the most lustrous shine without making greasy and heavy. {Other Uses while you're at it: taming eyebrow hairs, applying under eyes when traveling on planes to avoid dry patches, all over face for a healthy glow, cuticles, dry elbows/knees, and the list can go on and on}. Particularly, when applied on the hair, when the sunlight hits it, your hair literally sparkles so beautifully while bringing out all the natural tones of the hair making it iridescent.