Editorial Makeup for Habitual She


Model Kaitlin Hildebrand

Makeup Claire Arceri

Photography Andrew Arceri

Location San Diego, Ca

'Into the Blue' is all about the idea of letting something drench or overtake you. In this shoot, it is pretty obvious that in September, I was all about the color Blue. I wanted this shoot to be a visual representation of someone submerging themselves with full capacity. There is a Greek phrase that I heard once and it came to mind when I conceptualized this shoot. 

MERAKI [may-rah-kee] is doing something with total love, and pure soul. It is leaving a little piece or the essence of yourself in your creative work.

The goal for myself through my blog is to set this example of Meraki for my own sake and hope you feel the urge to follow suit. 



  • Honua Skincare Hawaiian Beauty Water. I am so excited to share this product with you all because it is 100% NATURAL! As you know, in my personal skincare regimen, I try to stick with organic and natural products as much as I can. However, in my makeup regimen, I have not gone 100% organic and natural but I am working on it. For editorial shoots, I use many mainstream non-organic brands but when I get the chance, I love showcasing natural products that are equally if not better than some of the mainstream brands to prove how far natural beauty has come. I have been Honua's Beauty Water on myself to prep my skin before applying my foundation and used it for the first time on the model for this editorial shoot. I really love the way the foundation applies so smoothly over the Beauty Water.                                      WHAT IT DOES: tones, hydrates, AND helps to remove dead skin leaving this beautiful glowy skin



  • Gressa Eye Tint in Aureo. Yet another makeup product that is certified organic, applying beautifully and holding up so well next to mainstream beauty products.
  • For the blue eyeshadows, I mixed a few shades from a pallet I have had for so long that the brand name is no longer visible. lol sorry but you can achieve this look by blending various shades of blue.
  • Tarte Waterproof Mascara and Benefit They're Real Mascara




BDG Blue Corduroy Trousers and Black Onesie from Urban Outfitters. Gold Woven Pointed-Toe Pumps from a local Thrift Store.


BDG Black Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Black crop top from Free People, Ecote Blue Velvet Top from Urban Outfitters, Black Velvet boots from a local Thrift Store.