Beauty Picnic

Attire Pajamas

Task Bring Your Favorite Beauty Products

Purpose Building Community & Empowering Women

Lifestyle Series for Habitual She

Photography Andrew Arceri and myself

This month I wanted to get a group of girls together for my first Beauty Picnic. So what is a Beauty Picnic? A Beauty Picnic is an intimate gathering where women can encourage, build community, relate to one another through sharing their favorite beauty products while applying to one another. This is a conduit for positive affirmation amongst the participating women. Finding your purpose can be truly daunting and yet in those moments of searching; having true deep connection with each other can help facilitate us finding our purpose. Maybe this is what its all about?!

For my husband and I, moving to San Diego was thrilling, while at the same time, intimidating. We picked up and moved our lives from Louisiana to California only three weeks after getting married. Making friends was a priority for both of us as we were moving to a place with a lot of unknowns and zero connections. Two years later, I find myself so grateful for the friendships I am a part of and the circle of strong and intelligent women I am a part of cultivating. 

Since it is summer time, there are so many opportunities for latching elbows with your gal-pals  and hosting your own Beauty Picnic. For my west coast girls (where it barely rains and the weather is perfect 90% of the time), you have many options as far as planning some fun outdoor activities with your girlfriends. Now, for my southern beauties, you will have to get crafty. For those hot and humid summer days and those unexpected summer downpours, I have an event just for you.

Hosting your own Beauty Picnic:

  • Attire: Pajamas

  • Location: Indoors (Crank up that AC!)

  • Task: Bring 1-3 of your favorite beauty products

  • Goal: Laughter and Encouragement

HOST: Above all, remember that the secret to a memorable event is putting people in a good mood, and creating a comfortable environment.


  1. Pick one thing to do en masse: this could be lighting a million candles for a glowy evening, or in my example, I laid out a bunch of pillows around the coffee table to create a cozy and casual place to sit.
  2. Then, around the house, add a few extra touches: write "hello beautiful" on the bathroom mirror in a bright lipstick shade, hook nice wooden hangers on your shower rod to turn it into coat "robe check." For example, I spritzed the home with my favorite perfume, dimmed the overhead lights and moved a lamp to the coffee table to create more intimate lighting.
  3. Play some fun music!
  4. Make a table spread of some homemade foods, desserts, and drinks you like.
  5. or cheat, and get store bought. No judgments right?
Perfume featured is  Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Perfume featured is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.


  1. As each guest arrives, place their beauty products out on the table. Depending on party size, you can group makeup products by type (such as lipsticks or eyeshadows) or by grouping them as a look you want experiment with such as (Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow etc.)
  2. Place mirrors around the table for guests to see as they apply their makeup.
  3. A great way to fill a table is to lay out makeup bags. I set out a new one that was purchased in Seaside at one of the local boutiques, by Fluf Design. Get yours here!

Now, depending on the number of guests, you can break up women into groups. Each woman will state what makeup product she brought, along with why she loves it so much. She can either demonstrate how she applies it to herself or demonstrate on someone else. The goal is to have women interacting with each other while applying makeup on each other. Naturally, encouragement takes place and mess-ups WILL happen which brings lots of laughter.

The photos shown, demonstrates a women's circle I organized while on vacation in Seaside, Florida. My sister-in-law invited five of her friends for vacation this year which gave me the perfect opportunity to show this group of young twenty-somethings how to go about organizing one of their own. Originally, I was planning to have an early evening beach picnic but remember when I said you needed to have a backup plan? We ended up having an indoor pajama party since Tropical Storm Cindy decided to be our uninvited guest. Lol! 

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your girlfriends? For questions on hosting your own Beauty Picnic, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Xx.