Bronze/Copper Glow Makeup

Beauty Article for Habitual She



This month, I wanted to create a glowing bronze/copper makeup look with voluminous hair. I had previously applied my face and eyelid primer, loose foundation, and bronzer and will focus on the eyes, cheeks and lips in today's Beauty Article.


  1. For the eyes, I began by applying the lightest shade in Charlotte Tilbury's 'The Dolce Vita' Palette. {Apply this all over the lid but not going past the natural crease of the eye}
  2. In the Morphe 35F Palette, I began layering multiple shades of copper in the crease and diffusing in an upwards and downwards motion. {Basically blending up toward brow and down toward lash line leaving the oblong triangular shape near the arch of the brow free of shadow.}
  3. Back to the Charlotte Tilbury 'The Dolce Vita' , I tool the 'Enhance' maroon tone and darkened the crease using a tapered shadow brush. I then took the Gold 'Pop' color with a dome blending brush and went over the crease in a back and forth motion to blend colors together.
  4. I wanted to add more copper to the eye, so I took a brighter Copper shade from the Morphe 35F Palette and blended that through-out the entire eye.
  5. I then took the lightest shade in the Charlotte Tilbury palette with a tapered shadow brush and highlighted the area just under the arch of my brow.
  6. I then took the 'Color Chameleon Amber Haze Stick from Charlotte Tilbury and lined the top and bottom of my eyes.
  7. To finish, I applied 2 coats of the Stila Huge Voluminizing Mascara


  1. I applied the 'Bronzed' Shade from the Anastasia palette and created more depth in the crease of my jawline and on the high points of my forehead. {Applied it over bronzer}
  2. I then took the 'Summer' shade from the same palette and applied to the high points of my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and chin.


  1. First, apply the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm all over lips.
  2. Then, take the Clinique Chubby stick and dab across lips for added color.


Upon washing hair, brush our knots, and apply a few pumps of the Innsersense 'I Create Lift' Voluminizing Foam. Work it through your scalp all the way to the ends of your hair. I actually blow-dry my hair halfway and let it air-dry for the remaining time. I recently cut bangs and find that blowing them dry helps with my baby hair underneath that can tend to frizz. So I blow dry the bangs and top layer of my hair and then let the rest air dry. This foam had done wonders to my hair. My Hair type is fine but I have a lot of it and it can tend to stick to my scalp if I don't add the right products and dry it a certain way. I couldn't recommend Innersense enough when it comes to natural and organic hair care.

If you have any questions on this look, please connect with me in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you! 


Claire Arceri with Habitual She