QUEENHORSFALL [Collaboration]

Photographed by Andrew Arceri.

Makeup by me.



This was one of the looks that I completed at Salvation Mountain, and it was photographed by Andrew Arceri in the middle of the Colorado Desert. We drove to our location for the day in hopes to beat the setting sun. Upon arriving, it became clear that other tourists and photographers had the same location in mind for their images but we were patient and I must say we were all satisfied with the dim light that was available to us when most of the other tourists had left. Dianna has an amazing style aesthetic so it was enjoyable to be able to work together with her outfits to come up with a makeup look that complimented her well. With endless photo opportunities at Salvation Mountain, we stumbled upon this emerald wall with red and white accents which was so perfect for Dianna's dark green pantsuit, loafer slides, and ruby lips. It was exactly what we had in mind and yet exceeded our expectations.

Claire Arceri